I consider Let's Go Play Outside as an extension of the mind; I desire a big collaboration platform for outdoor lovers. I want people to share their experiences, whether they loved it, had a bad experience or maybe they would like to do it all over again. The site enables you to share your photos or videos, comment and rate. You can also invite friends and make plans for activities. Let's Go Play Outside enables you to, not only see and know the distance between your physical location and the trail in order to know how far or close the place you want to go is, but also the length of the trail itself. You are also able to know the weather of that particular place so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. WORD FROM THE FOUNDER Let's Go Play Outside was founded by Francois Dumaine, a 39 year old with deep rooted passion for outdoor activities. Francois Dumaine has travelled far and wide and has been involved in a variety of outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking among others. His passion for outdoor activities sprung from his personal desire to help the needy. This desire saw him visit different places and discover many wonderful physical features and climatic conditions that offer ideal environments for diverse physical activities. His first major expedition was to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for the Cancer Research Society. He was then the Vice President in promoting the C.R.S Challenge for the Cancer Research Society. During his travels and activities, coupled with the fact that he is a professional photographer, he took pictures and videos of his experiences. Gradually, the desire to share these activities pushed him to form a platform to share his experiences through videos and photos. Understanding the confessed desire by many to also share and learn new things about outdoor activities, Francois decided to develop Let's Go Play Outside where all can freely share, learn and plan activities and find all necessary information all on one platform of the web.


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First care, RCR
High altitude training

Some Achievements

Kilimandjaro summit 2011
Mt Kilimandjaro
Peru trek 2012
Everest base camp 2014
Everest base camp
Compostella 2015

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