10 Mistakes to Avoid while Hiking or Trekking

Friday, September 23, 2016



Even the most experienced and careful hikers tumble off a cliff, but the careless ones are more prone to poking a diamondback rattler or finding themselves in trouble's mouth. And frankly speaking, we need more careful hikers than the careless ones.

I am not an Everest-scaling or bear-wrestling man, but I have spent enough years hiking through the woods and peaks to identify the common mistakes first-time hikers make. And here are 10 of them most frequently repeated:


Wearing Inappropriate Clothes:

Your stylish denims may look cool, but not comfortable when you are on a hike. Unlike wool or polyester, cotton is a better conductor to moisture and once it gets wet, it doesn’t get dry for a long time. Now think about the situation when this moisture playing around with your skin and taking out your body heat. The situation gets worsen in rainy or cold weather. I have experienced the same experience during my early hiking days, and since then, have kissed a permanent good-by to cotton fabrics.



Buying Cheap Gears:

I know you want to spend as little as possible on your outdoor activities, and a friend of yours has suggested you a place to find cheap gears. But trust me, this is the worst thing you could do. More often than not, cheap means poor quality. So if you are planning to buy that Ozark Trails sleeping bag for $10, think twice. There are many places to save your money, but uncheck your important gears from that list.



Following a Trail map:
Following a Trail map photo  

You are hiking as per your trail map, and suddenly you find a cliff or a chasm blocking your way ahead. Be careful, because not all maps are not good enough to show you all the forest paths. Now you have four choices – one, accompany an experienced hiker. Two, buy a quality trail map, three download a trail map on your mobile device and four, focus more on your trails than your trail map.

By the way, there are some standard maps you may follow. Topographical maps are the best in the category. And if you are wandering across the United States, National Geographic’s Trails Illustrated series is all you need.



Packing the wrong Survival Kit:

You are on a hike, not in a battleground. And again, you are on a hike, not at your home. So while packing your survival kit, eliminate all those items that you otherwise need in a battleground, but remember to include those which you will need there. Keep the duration of your trip and size of your group in mind. Some items to include are – bandages of different sizes, medical tape, moleskin,

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