10 Rules For Mountain Hiking

Monday, October 17, 2016



Hiking a trail can be a fun and exciting adventure especially if you are the outdoorsy type. Even then a hiking expedition requires careful planning and preparation to make it a success.


Physical Fitness. Hiking is a physically demanding experience. That’s why you shouldn’t attempt it if you aren't in great physical shape. Take up short periods of exercise every day for the last two weeks before a major expedition. You will need a doctor’s advice if you have pre-existing conditions. Depending on the length of the hike and the intensity you might want to get a training instructor to guide you through the exercises. Alternatively, you can get the instructor to give you an exercise regimen that will best prepare you.


Navigation Planning. You have to be very careful in planning the trail that you will follow. How long is the trail? Where are the steep climbing areas? What are the differences in attitude along the hiking trail? Make sure you have access to the most recent and accurate description of the trail. Never assume that you can always rely on the old trails if it isn’t your first time. Trails get rerouted, and some get closed during a certain season of the year.


Proper Gear. For successful hiking, having a proper mountaineering kit is critical. Proper hiking clothes, rain gear, quality boots, gloves, sunglasses as well as elbow and knee pads might prove necessary along the way. You also have to carry a well-equipped first aid box, enough food and drinks as well as an updated map of the area. You can also enquire from the local authorities if there are any special items needed like ropes, hooks, vaccination or skin creams.


Check Weather Forecasts. Before leaving for the trail check the weather and avalanche reports in the area. You also need to check the temperature and snow reports if it’s a snowy hike. Make sure you keep abreast of the weather forecast every one to two hours to monitor for any extreme changes in weather patterns. Most of these weather changes can be accessed through weather apps for local weather stations or local news outlets. Mountain weather sometimes changes within a matter of minutes and could spell doom for you.


Inform Someone. Make sure you have informed someone about your hike, how long you expect to be there and the route that you will follow. Also, notify them when you plan on calling them back after the hike so that they can expect to hear from you. Additionally, inform the local

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