5 amazing hiking benefits

Wednesday, October 12, 2016



Hiking offers many amazing benefits. But I would have to say that there are five (5) amazing hiking benefits that you cannot overlook. Those top five amazing benefits of hiking are:

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Soothing Feeling: The best place to go hiking is in the open or outdoors. Hiking in a mall is enough during inclement weather. But outdoors hiking offers so many amazing benefits. Imagine the cool breeze and Soothing Feeling on your face as you go out hiking in the early morning. Think about the soft drizzle bathing you and your gear as you make your way down the path. The singing of the birds, the butterflies and the gentle breeze are no exceptions. You cannot enjoy all these in the mall.


Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. Hiking is a fantastic form of exercise. Everyone needs exercise to keep the body fit and healthy. But most people stay inside the house, listening to the music and the TV or staring out through the window. But this is Boring! And it would seem as it will never come to an end. I could go hiking the same time, two miles, take my time doing it and enjoying the outdoors. Even when I am hiking, I can at the same time have an enjoyable conversation with the members of my family. There are many things you can come across during hiking. For instance, there are some beautiful landmarks and beautiful waterfall where you can stop for lunch or enjoy yourself along the way while hiking


Ease of affordability: You do not need a lot of specialized or much expensive and sophisticated equipment to go hiking. Just with little equipment or the gear, you are ready to go. All you need is good sturdy shoes, suitable clothes, and plenty of water. You will also need to wear a sunscreen if you are going hiking during warm climate or in the desert. If your plan is to be out for a long while, you might need to take a backpack along with some food items like sandwiches, water, snacks and protein bars. There is an excellent opportunity to stop for a while and enjoy your meal. Hiking is a memorable thing to be part of and the moment you start enjoying the groove in it, you might want to get some of that specialized hiking equipment and gear. But people do it as a hobby and for the enjoyment in the beginning.


A great feeling of Nature: One fantastic hiking benefit is the availability of taking Photographs in large numbers. You have the opportunity to take snapshots of nature as you go hiking. You have the chance to snap shots of different photos of the life that you just can’t see in the town. Stopping to take photographs offers you the opportunity to get a time out and take home memory.