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Friday, March 16, 2018

With a family, it’s always necessary to show a certain amount of creativity so children follow in the open air. Sometimes the problem could be the distance, troubles or logistics. So some prior arrangements are necessary. But what about the motivational aspect? How can we make sure that the nature becomes a productive playground for our kids? Never Too Late I have definitely incorporated "sport" late in my life. This reality facing family outings, did manifest, whereas my boys already knew how to walk, speak, run and jump! But honestly, I need to mention that I used to do some physical activities before they were born, but I wouldn’t dare go in such an adventure a few months ago with a small, love pack, tied up to my back. The fact is, it was a lack of trust in my driving capacity. Me.. Athletic? Never ! I just felt a sports call, I couldn’t control it. Thereby, outdoors activities came to surface while our two little ones were 2 and 4 years old. I quickly got the idea that if I wanted to invite the kids to follow us, I had to include any style of “wow” to our experience, especially if I wanted them to get what, I did have enormously, I mean physical skills. The backpack The adventurous apprentices quickly understood that the backpack carried by mom or dad was not a simple set. It was tirelessly gorged with special victuals (Tender bars with pieces of chocolate, nuts, fresh or dried fruits, juices ...) allowed at times out after making good effort or simply to highlight the perseverance. Greedy as they are, I used this common point of my boys to “drag” them out (sometimes it was literally the case). Today, aged 10 and 12 years old, their fascination for the package still persists! But I need to underline the fact that now they carry their hydration bag themselves, but I keep sinking in some treasures. Note that this property tip has also worked very well: owning their own equipment would be a winning strategy to make them enjoy the outdoors, at least as much as giving them each, a family outing to their taste for Christmas. The revealing mountain Last year, we were in the forest in an unknown environment for us. A well-marked trail, it seems, offered a breathtaking view at the top of the mountain. Although steep in some places, the ascent only lasted almost an hour. We were determined to fully enjoy this natural splendor in the company of our little fox terrier, Abbie. Although this added energy to our family was not assumed to be like this, taking our puppy with us had its influence on our outdoor activities. What an important asset, for the joy of the kids, to be able to admire the capers of this ally, on four legs. The ramble offered several magnificent views and did not represent a major technical challenge. On the other hand, we had been walking for almost an hour and the pick of the trees seemed very far away. As we had been discussing the distance still to be traveled, the oldest, seemed suddenly getting very nervous. He confesses to us that he is very afraid of what would happen to him afterwards: his “unknown limit” was reached. We had to respect that. My partner offered to turn back with him as well as with the little hairy ball. I turned back to the youngest and said “what about us? Should we go on? I really want to go to the end of this strange green area!” Equipped to Manage By making allusion to a challenge in my question, I knew that my spirited little adventurer would say yes. So we pursued our way, noticing, however, that the tracking of tags was becoming more and more difficult. So I kept boosting the perseverance of my little boy. And it was for the best as there was a dizzy climb waiting for us a few miles ahead! We had to help each other using the trees to climb. Sometimes I had to reach out to my son to pull him up next to me. I began to doubt the success of our adventure. However, my walking companion didn’t seem uncertain, he didn’t grudge or complained about what so ever. He was quite

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