West coast trail

Friday, January 27, 2017

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Th? West Coast Trail is a br??tht?k?ngl? b??ut?ful 47 mile (75 km) b??k???k?ng r?ut? ?n th? ??uthw??t coast ?f V?n??uv?r Island, BC. The tr??l w?? originally ??ll?d th? D?m?n??n Lifesaving Tr??l because ?t w?? bu?lt ?n 1907 ?? a w?? to rescue ?h??wr??k ?urv?v?r? ?l?ng th? coast. Th? tr??l ?? n?w a ??rt of P???f?? R?m N?t??n?l P?rk ?nd outdoor ?nthu????t? from ?ll ?v?r the world m?k? the ??lgr?m?g? t? the island to h?k? wh?t’? widely considered one ?f th? w?rld’? b??t h?k?ng tr??l?. B? f?r?w?rn?d, th?? trek ?? n?t f?r beginners du? t? ?t? l?ngth ?nd d?ff??ult t?rr??n ?nd each ???r m?n? hikers ?r? evacuated fr?m th? tr??l due t? ?njur?, ?lln??? ?nd h???th?rm??.

Th? ???n?r? ?nd trail are v?r??d, r?ng?ng fr?m beautiful sandy beaches t? ??nd?t?n? shelving t? ?l????r? w??d?n b??rdw?lk? t? dense coastal r??nf?r??t

S?m? ??? that the West C???t Tr??l has b???m? m?r? ??n?t???d ?nd l??? d?ff??ult but ?t ?h?uld n?v?r b? underestimated with ???r?x?m?t?l? 100 hikers evacuated ?ff th? tr??l every season. It's long, ?t'? tough and it's b??ut?ful; ?t'? ?n ?x??r??n?? every h?k?r ?h?uld h?v? at l???t once in th??r l?f?t?m?.

Th?r? ?r? h?k??, and th?n th?r? are hikes. Y?u know, th? ?n??-?n-?-l?f?t?m? tr?k? th?t ?r? ??u?ll? ?h?ll?ng?ng as th?? are ?n???r?ng; th? ?n?? th?t ??u’ll r?m?mb?r for ???r? to ??m?; th? ones that w?ll ?gn?t? ?n instant ??nn??t??n wh?n you’ve m?t ?n?th?r ??r??n wh? h?? d?n? th? ??m? tr?k.

The West C???t Trail is one ?f th??? hikes. Located ?n th? West C???t ?f Br?t??h C?lumb??’? V?n??uv?r I?l?nd, th? “WCT” r??u?r?? serious ?l?nn?ng ?nd preparation. In r?turn f?r your h?rd work, ?t w?ll r?w?rd you w?th one of the b??t ?x??r??n??? you’ll ever l?v?.

West coast trail

It’? the Challenge ?f a Lifetime

It t?k?? most people a w??k ?r ?? to tr?k th??r w?? thr?ugh the gru?l?ng 47 miles ?f d?m?nd?ng t?rr??n. T??kl?ng th? tr??l in a ?h?rt?r amount of time is not recommended: not ?nl? ?r? you m?r? l?k?l? t? ?njur? ??ur??lf, but ??u’ll ru?h thr?ugh some ?f the most incredible ??t?? ?n th? w?rld.

T? g?t th? m??t ?ut ?f th? West Coast Tr??l, m?k? ?t an ?x??r??n?? to r?m?mb?r: ensure that ??u’r? in t?? t?? ?h???, g?t ??m? decent b??k???k?ng ?nd h?k?ng ?x??r??n?? und?r ??ur f??t, ?nd ???u?r? (and l??rn h?w to u??) th? r?ght gear. B? r??d? t? tackle ??m? seriously challenging weather—6 ?n?h?? ?f r??n in 12 h?ur?, anyone.

West coast trail

It’s Not Overcrowded

Th? ?r?bl?m w?th so many popular tr??l? ?? th?t th?? ??n g?t ?v?r?r?wd?d and ?v?ru??d. Th? W??t Coast Trail r??u?r?? ?ll hikers within a gr?u? (w?th a m?x?mum group ??z? of 10 people) t? ???ur? a Tr??l U?? P?rm?t. A limited numb?r ?f permits ?r? ???u?d ?v?r? ???r, so the b??t ?l?n ?f ??t??n is t? apply f?r one ?t th? beginning ?f ??r?ng. Th? tr??l ??

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