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What are the most adventurous things you can take from life? It doesn’t matter what your preferences are- Canada can offer you Great assortments of life-memorable adventures and attractions.

The good news is that it is not necessary to travel with days just to find something you love to do- Canada`s forests, lakes and mountains offer for you the best opportunity of experience a huge range of any kind of outdoor activities and adventures.


Great examples for some of the activities are Downhill and cross-country skiing, skating, ice climbing, hiking, where you meet mostly animals not people...


Does it sound like a perfect escape from the civilisation? Then let’s continue with kayaking in the lakes, sailing around Gulf Islands close to Vancouver, cycling through beautiful wine regions, fishing…


Does it sound like a boring afternoon in the office just before finish the routine job?... Amazing adventures like whale-watching, riding, rafting can be a big challenge even for those with great experience.


Why to go there?

Or 1003 reason/reasons, with the cost of living, you Must start plannig your vacation in Canada


The exciting scenery and galvanizing natural surroundings in national parks give the right setting for standardization into nature, learning regarding it, appreciating it, respecting it and pledging to safeguard it. every parkland could be a haven for the human spirit.


National parks tell the stories of Canada's natural beginnings - mountains forming, lakes rising, rivers running, forests growing, glaciers moving, grasslands evolving - to anyone UN agency takes the time to pay attention, to appear and to know. They tell tales of human history too, from ancient Aboriginal activities, to early exploration, to European settlement, to fashionable use. and that they reveal current natural processes - floods enriching, fires revitalizing, species migrating. they supply opportunities to attach with nature, folks and events that outline Canada.


Understanding the importance of Canada's natural heritage to the state and therefore the world, and developing support for its protection are crucial to the semi-permanent health of the system of national parks.


Visitors will paddle down rivers flowing through canyons etched over thousands of years, observe birds as they rest in their travels on ancient migration routes, practise spirited young forests reworked by fireplace. These are persistent experiences, created all the additional unforgettable by the educational opportunities Parks Canada offers through interpretive walks, exhibits and activities or in co-operation with the heritage business business.





Park Canada

Around half a million km2 of vast territories


Planning to visit Canada you have to be familiar with the countless beauty in the 37 national parks and 168 National Historic Sites around the country. There you can unfold your imagination and get into unimaginable adventures.


The parks are administrated by Park Canada, where you should visit in order to pick a special permit if you would like to fish or camp. Also for more information about flora, fauna and outdoor activities.


With 450 000 km2 of unique, protected areas, no matter what you are looking for- adventure, vacation or family time- the experience here cannot be count be described only by words.


In order to have an access in some of the parks you need to pay a small fee of around 5 $, but also there are parks where is free.

Fishing and hunting is paid and you need to take a permits. The another thing you will be asked to pay is for campgrounds, where the price vary from province to province.


Park Canada is not established only for us, humans, but also for protection and keeping the unique wildlife and the diversity of the ecosystem- the natural beauty of the country. High mountains, but plains, tundra and forests, glaciers and lakes- the wildness is limitless in every province, every region of Canada.


National park permits and what we need to know?

Short summery of taxes for individuals, families or groups

Everyone who is willing to enter Canada’s national parks and sites require a park permit, no matter of your type of transport, by purchasing permits usually are sold to cover all those entering in a particular vehicle from a roadside booth on the park boundary. This costs around $8 to $10 per individual per day with concessions for the young and old.

If your intention is to visit a numerous national sites and parks, the best investment is an Annual Discovery Pass. By the pass you will get unlimited admission for all the parks, but also national historical websites, which will cost you around $68. These, which are covering groups, a family, even a whole car full of people, costs double.

Additional permits and costs are also required to fish and backcountry camp in the national parks: both are generally available from park information centres.

Passion for Hiking

Who would have refused an amazing adventure among the forests and mountains of Canada?

If your biggest passion is hiking, Canada is the right place for you. Short or long-distanced trails, across the fjords, plateau eve non-melted icecap, all of these located in the mountains and forest of full-of-unlimited adventures Canada.


Some of the best North America`s greatest hiking areas are in Canada, no matter of your experience, ambitions or abilities, everyone can find the best walk to suit, in almost all around the country. With Well-maintained and well-marked trails in all the national parks and most of the provincial ones, their visit is easy and pleasant also secure for experienced hikers, but also for beginners. No need to say you always need to be properly equipped.


Grab the Ski


Together with hiking in Canada, there is usually skiing. With its resorts Canada is in the top leading ski areas. The resorts of Rockies and BC- Whistler, Banff, Lake Louise, are increasingly popular in the country.

Ski packages are reachable from any place of the world through travel agents. Costs per day for ski passes or food and accommodation are fairly modest by the standards in Europe or US.



The heaven for those who love it


You can found your best area for fishing-lakes, rivers, coastal waters. Equipment can be easily found in many towns.



Everyone on the board!


In the area of Ontario, with its estimated 250,000 lakes and 35,000km of waterways, practical canoe routes have been documented in area of 25,000.

There are also many rivers that offer generally more demanding whitewater routes, an example for that is the country’s most beautiful lake canoeing – in Wells Gray Provincial Park.







Discover 6 Epic secret adventures in Canada

Some secret, hidden activities that we will provide for your unforgettable experience



Canada is full of such a large amount of cool things to try to to and places that cause you to exclaim of surprise. Gain the knowledge of the hidden gems in the National Parks and Historic Sites; wherever grassland songbirds sing, and whales flip their tails within the ocean; or sit and marvel at the marvel of stars during a Dark Sky Preserve!


1.    Skiing in Whistler

Perfect for the people looking for extreme adventures and adrenaline seekers. With its 8.200 acres, this is ideal place if you are expert, intermediate or a beginner. Or maybe skiing is not your thing, then try snowboarding or heli-skiing.


2.    Hike The East Coast Trail

It is supported along Newfoundland Avalon Peninsula and encompasses 300 kilometres of impressive Atlantic coast with splendid vistas.


Hikers in the extent can enjoy several spectacular scenes that is regular to this share of the concern? specified as spectacular cliffs, rough headlands, weathered fjords and scenic sea stacks. There is also the quantity to go wildlife soiling to wait whales and seabirds.



3.    Cross The Arctic Circle On Foot At Auyuittuq National Park

One of the most famous hikes in the country is  Akshayuk Concession. With its 97 kilometres of trails. First of all, visitors must be aware of the forecast and weather conditions, also to be warned where should stay if a polar bear appear.

For the practised skier, there is a lot of off-piste to be enjoyed, and ascent pros can go on expeditions to many unbelievable peaks. Added activities within the park are snowmobile tours and dogsledding expeditions.


4.    Kayak with Beluga Whales

The best place to kayak with beluga whales is Churchill. About two hours on the board of a boat, you can have a wonderful trip among those amazing animals which are very friendly and amiable. People from all the ages can have an access to such an experience


5.    Glacier Skywalk

Looking for adrenalin rush? Stunning vistas of the valley Sunwapta with panoramic views. The feeling is like you are on top of a huge transparent platform.



6.    Whistler Bungee

From Whistler village, 15 minutes on south and only an hour from Vancouver, located on the Sea, next to Sky Highway- the bungee is well known of its safety. The bungee is open all the time during the year.

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