The Plain Of Six Glaciers, Lake Louise, Alberta - Hiking Trails Near

The Plain Of Six Glaciers, Lake Louise, Alberta - Hiking Trails Near

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The Plain of the Six Glaciers Trail is 13.8
kilometers long. Many tourists are currently visiting it. Located near Lake
Louise, Alberta, Canada, you can walk around a lake. It is best to spend the
month of June until August. For those who have dogs, they have the right to
accompany their master, if they are on a leash.

Plain of Six Glaciers - Lake Louise

This track can be covered in a full day if
you have the ability and motivation for it. For starters, you just have to
follow the edge of Lake Louise. Do not forget to bring a camera to keep
memories of marmots and mountain goats. This track is the perfect place to
de-stress. Indeed, you can enjoy bread baked, a specialty of the region.
Otherwise, the mountain offers a beautiful landscape, and you can admire a
profusion of glaciers and peaks a few kilometers away.

The track of Plain of the Six Glaciers is a
very easy track. It can be finished in 7 hours. However, to avoid missing
anything, hikers are often advised to take their time during a trip. It's a
classic track located in Banff National Park. Many tourists can be found at the
beginning of this trail. Starting near Chateau Lake Louise, this trail offers
an incomparable view, it is worth it to make a jump. After 5.5 km of walking,
you can drink at the tea room that is installed there; and it is only after
that the glaciers will surprise you.

to Plain of Six Glaciers

This hike is an activity that often equates
to a day trip through the mountains, past a Swiss-style teahouse and towards
the glaciers. Note that you can connect to any point of this path. You will
have no problem sharing your photos directly. The views are always impressive
and unimaginable. During this trip, one of the parts that attract many hikers
is the discovery of the Lower Victoria Glacier and the Abbot Hut. Indeed, the
latter is one of the tallest buildings in Canada, it is located at 2 925 meters
above sea level. It's amazing, but true.

If you go there by car, the car park will
be at Lake Louise. But you can also ask a taxi to take you there if you can’t
find the way.

When you arrived at the car park, head for
Lake Louise; follow the wide path on the right, passing through the Chateau
Lake Louise. Here, we can meet thousands of tourists who all want to take
pictures. If you do not like that, it would be better to change tracks.

The path to discover the Plain of Six
Glaciers is very easy. Just follow the signs. During this journey, you will be
able to make discoveries at the same time, to see new facets of our dear
nature. As you go along this path, the tourists will not bother you anymore.
Finally, at the end of your journey, you will finally know the pleasures of
hiking. You will be full of energy and catch your breath with local products,
which you can enjoy in the tea room of Plaine des Six Glaciers.

This track is the favorite currently. Many
hikers have decided to take a break to discover its popular climbing site. When
you're there, it will take time to admire the mountaineers suspended in space,
it's always an intriguing part of the trek.

During this discovery, you will appreciate
the deep and dark crevasses, as well as imposing mountains. It's a moment and
unforgettable landscapes that you will take home.

After a few kilometers of hiking, and
during which you climbed 365 meters of altitude, you will be at the tea house.
It's beautiful and unique. As the name suggests, you can drink tea, coffee,
soup, but also sandwiches. This lounge is often filled when it's high season.
To lighten the weight of the accessories that you will carry, the consumption
must be made only in the living room. It is forbidden to take them to the cabin
- it is reserved for guests. Open from mid-June to the end of June, it only
accepts cash payments. This is normal since the track is far from the banks.

At the end of your break, it will take the
road to discover Abbots Pass. It is a site about 1.5 km away. The path that
leads to it is difficult. Sometimes the track becomes narrow. However, this is
often good for young people.

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2 hours 45 minutes
2.5 km
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