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Bird Lake - Kayaking Trails

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Ornithischia (/ɔːrnᵻˈθɪskiə/ or-ni-thiss-kee-ə) is an extinct clade of herbivorous dinosaurs characterized by a pelvic structure similar to that of birds. The name Ornithischia, or "bird-hipped", reflects this similarity and is derived from the Greek ornitheos (ορνιθειος) meaning "of a bird" and ischion (ισχιον) meaning "'hip joint". Birds are members of the saurischian, or "lizard-hipped", dinosaurs. Ornithischia is an extremely well supported clade and is one of the two major groups in Dinosauria. Many characters define the group though most are thought to be linked to herbivory. Ornithischians with well known anatomical adaptations include the ceratopsians or "horn-faced" dinosaurs (e.g. Triceratops), armored dinosaurs (Thyreophera) such as stegosaurs and ankylosaurs, pachycephalosaurids and the ornithopods. There is strong evidence that certain groups of ornithischians lived in herds and there is some evidence to suggest certain species may have cared for their young. Additionally, there is much debate over whether filamentous integumentary structures displayed in specimens of the genus Tianyulong and bristle-like integumentary structures displayed in specimens of the genus Psittacosaurus may have been precursors to feathers and, if so, whether later ornithischians may have been feathered.

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2.5 km
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