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Polyakov (Поляко́в) or Polyakova (feminine; Поляко́ва) is a Russian surname. Notable people with the surname include: Aleksei Poliakov (born 1974), Russian/Uzbek goalkeeper Alexander Dmitriyevich Polyakov (born 1959), Russian diplomat Alexander Markovich Polyakov (born 1945), Russian/American physicist Anatoly Polyakov (born 1980), Russian swimmer Dmitri Polyakov (1921–1988), Soviet General and a spy for the CIA Dzyanis Palyakow (born 1991), Belarusian footballer Elena Polyakova (born 1981), Russian ultramarathon runner Ella Polyakova (born 1941), Russian human rights activist Igor Polyakov (1912–2008), Soviet rower Ivan Alexeyevich Polyakov (1886–1969), Russian Cossack military leader Lazar Polyakov (1843–1914), Russian entrepreneur Léon Poliakov (1910–1997), French historian Maria Palyakova (born 1974), Ukrainian volleyball player Maria Polyakova (born 1997), Russian diver Mykola Polyakov (born 1946), Ukrainian scientist Oleg Polyakov (born 1990), Russian footballer Samuel Polyakov (1837–1888), Russian businessman Sergei Polyakov (born 1968), Russian sport shooter, silver olympic medalist Sergey Polyakov (born 1951), Russian-American scientist Valeri Polyakov (born 1942), Russian cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Russia Veronika Polyakova (born 1999), Russian rhythmic gymnast Viktor Polyakov (born 1981), Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Polyakov (born 1960), retired Soviet/Russian pole vaulter Vladislav Polyakov (born 1983), Kazakhstani swimmer Yevgeni Viktorovich Polyakov (born 1980), Russian footballer Yevgeni Yuryevich Polyakov (born 1988), Russian footballer Yevgeniya Polyakova (born 1983), Russian sprinter Yisrael Poliyakov (1941–2007), Israeli comedian and actor Vlad Polyakov (born 2002), Land Walker Yuriy Polyakov (born 1980), Russian-American scientist

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2 hours 45 minutes
2.5 km
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