Mabie Forest - Mountain Bike Trails

Mabie Forest - Mountain Bike Trails

Mabi forests (also known as Complex Notophyll Vine Forests 5b) are a type of critically endangered, indigenous Australian ecological community, remnant patches of which can only be found on some of the fertile (nutrient rich) basalt soils of either North Queensland's Atherton Tablelands, or at Shiptons Flat (aka Kuna), along the Annan River A Threatened Species Scientific Committee charged with advising on the conservation status of native species and ecological communities recommended the remnant Mabi forests be listed as "critically endangered" for the following reasons: "There is only 1050 ha of Mabi Forest left, and this occurs as a series of small, isolated patches. Many of the remnant patches of Mabi Forest are being invaded by exotic smothering vines, and feral and domestic animals. The use of remnant patches of Mabi Forest by stock can impact on this ecological community through trampling, grazing and soil compaction." The name "Mabi" is a locally indigenous Dyirbal and Yidiny language name for the Lumholtz tree kangaroo The name "Mabi forest" was given to this particular type of ecological community, as it is a forest type and habitat that supports high populations of Lumholtz tree kangaroos (aka Mabi)

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