Al30 - Mountain_Bike_Trails_Near

Al30 - Mountain_Bike_Trails_Near

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HLA A30-Cw5-B18-DR3-DQ2 (A30::DQ2) is a multigene haplotype that extends across a majority of the major histocompatibility complex on human chromosome 6. A multigene haplotype is a set of inherited alleles covering several genes, or gene-alleles. Long haplotypes, like A30::DQ2, are generally the result of descent by common ancestry. As haplotypes increase in size, Chromosomal recombination fragments them in a generation dependent process. A30::DQ2 can be written in an extended form covering the major histocompatibility loci as follows: HLA A*3002 : Cw*0501 : B*1801 : DRB1*0301 : DQA1*0501 : DQB1*0201. There are several composite haplotypes, A30-Cw5-B18 and a variant A30-CBL-B18 comprise A30::B18, there is also the B18-DR3 component and the HLA DR3-DQ2.5. Other haplotypes such as Cw5-B16-DR3 or B8-DR3-DQ2.5 have been presented in the literature. A dozen inflammatory diseases of the immune system can attribute some risk to the haplotype. Some disease like coeliac disease primarily associate with certain genes. While other diseases, like type 1 diabetes may have several, highly different, genes that attribute risk. Still other diseases, like myasthenia gravis have undetermined linkage to the haplotype. Haplotypes of A30-B18 or Cw5-B18 have been studied (see and IHWC 1991). Despite that large areas of Northern Africa have not been studies by HLA, A30::DQ2 appears to have originate southwest of is current mode in Sardinia. Gómez-Casado et al. (2000) observed that the haplotype is of likely paleo North African origin, and later studies of North Africa support that finding. Northern Iberians share with Sardinians a high frequency of the haplotype. However, there are some differences, linkage disequilibrium in Sardinians is highest whereas the Basque haplotype frequently has a different Cw allele indicating different origin for the haplotype.

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